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Today’s societal reel is radically edited into so-called perfection with filters and false reality. It is exhausting to try to keep up with the everyday façade we see on social media platforms and the expectations of other people. Moreover, it is unrealistic to believe that success, health, and wealth are achieved overnight, then stick around forever. So much of our life is placed on hold as an effect of external influences such as these or we suffer expectation hangovers because our reality is so distorted. Our true power and capability are then what become the illusion and seem out of grasp. Join high performance mindset coach Sarah Burnap, entrepreneur/fitness and wealth expert Amanda Gail, and BSN registered nurse/strength and conditioning coach Alejandra E. Vasquez on Past The Threshold. Here you will find insights on how to be more in tune with your true reality and personality, come to terms with existing limitations and finetune your actions to reach the most abundant life you could possibly achieve. Real people, sharing compelling real-life struggle & success stories, all while also trying to figure out life along with you. Honest reality in a world full of BS!

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